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What is Birds?

Bitcoin Birds is a simple Twitter client with Bitcoin integration. It is a service that allows you to get rewarded with bitcoins for retweeting and spreading other people’s messages, or reward others to retweet and spread yours!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the term for a network that allows a new form of monetary payment and medium of exchange. The currency is the first of its class as a decentralized peer-to-peer technology with no central point of issuance, which eliminates the need for trust in large organizations and governments. Bitcoin is also a currency, and allows you to send real time payments - immediately and with very little cost - to anybody, anywhere in the world.

Where can I get bitcoins?

You can purchase Bitcoin in a multitude of ways using fiat conversion to credit cards. It can be bought from online exchanges, online direct sellers, or in person. Click here to go to our buy bitcoins page. Most online exchanges keep wallets as a feature of their service, but it must be noted that holding money with a third party is not a recommended behavior here at Always take the necessary precautions on your own by moving your wealth to your own destination and securing your own private keys. People can also meet in public to purchase Bitcoin in any amount. Whether it's a hard cash transaction or trade for a good, the currency can be traded with real people and in public.

Where do I keep my bitcoins?

You store your bitcoins in something called a Wallet, just like you’d carry your regular cash. You can find a list of wallets here, but please remember to treat your bitcoins like cash. Secure your Bitcoin wallet in the same way as you would secure your regular wallet if you kept that on your phone or your computer!

How to promote a tweet?

You have two ways to promote your favorite tweets:

  • Lucky Bird
  • Each person who retweets earns a chance to win the jackpot proportional to its number of followers: a retweeter with 200 followers has twice more chance to be the "Lucky Bird"than someone with 100 followers. The amount you send is the Jackpot.

    This type of tweets will appear with "Jackpot: (the Jackpot amount)" on the timeline. The amout you send is the Jackpot.

  • Pay per Followers
  • Each person who retweets or use the bullhorn will earn the payout you choose until the balance you put in the tweet is exhausted (don't worry you still can refill it when you want).

    These tweets will appear with " Tweet balance: " (balance left for this tweet) on your timeline.

How to earn money by retweeting?

  • Lucky Bird
  • Retweet this type of tweet to play the lottery and be the Lucky Bird! Chances to win the Jackpot are proportional to the number of followers you have: so a user with 200 followers has twice more chances to win the Jackpot than a user with 100 followers.

    This type of tweets will appear with "Jackpot: (the Jackpot amount)" on the timeline.

  • Pay per Followers
  • The amount of bitcoins that you will receive for any given tweet will depend on how many Twitter followers you have, and the budget which the sponsor allocates. Generally speaking, the higher your number of followers on Twitter, the higher the Bitcoin reward you will receive for retweeting or announcing using the Bullhorn.

    These tweets will appear with " Tweet balance: " (balance left for this tweet) on your timeline.

  • Note About Transaction Fees
  • Kindly note that the transaction fees will be deducted from your reward.
    You won't receive the reward if transaction fees exceed your reward.

What is the "Bullhorn"?

This feature is unique to Birds. If you choose to use the Bullhorn, when a user retweets your message it will be cloned and then ‘announced’ (tweeted) to their followers. Instead of the message looking like a retweet it will appear as one of their direct tweets. This is a very good way of helping a topic trend on Twitter.

If you do not use the Bullhorn, you’ll retweet the message just as you would on or using the Twitter app (your tweet is still promoted with the reward you selected).

I’m seeing the message “Your reward is too small to be sent to the blockchain. Get more followers and try again” - what does this mean?

Sponsors set payouts per 100 Twitter followers. If you have less than 100 Twitter followers the reward for retweeting may be too low to be sent to the blockchain. This means that the transaction fees required for sending the transaction to the blockchain are higher than the reward you would receive for retweeting. If you gain more Twitter followers then the amount you would be rewarded for retweeting any given message will increase; once you reach a number of followers that will grant you a sufficient reward you will be able to retweet the message.

Are there fees? does not currently charge any fees, except for ‘dust’ change. When the amount left in an account is less than 100 bits/10,000 satoshis, we keep this change since the remaining amount of Bitcoin is simply too small to send out as a reward in the next transaction.

What is a Bitcoin address?

Think of it like an account number or email address. Any Bitcoins sent to your address will arrive at your Bitcoin wallet, assuming you have included a sufficient transaction fee. You can find many different choices for Bitcoin wallets at

Do I have to be logged in to Birds to retweet and get paid?

Yes; the only tweets you can get paid for retweeting are the ones you see on the Birds homepage.

My sponsored tweet has disappeared from the Birds homepage, what happened?

Great news! The funds for your campaign have all been spent, meaning that your message has reached the maximum number of Twitter users, depending of course on the reward you set and the reach of each Twitter user. A sponsored tweet will only remain until all the funds have been sent to retweeters, or until you have manually removed it.

Welcome to Bitcoin Birds

Get paid to retweet the messages that you like or pay others to spread your messages.

How does it work?

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